How We Work

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Desperate to find some way to measure what you thought was not measurable? Curious just what other mediums might be appropriate for delivering your message? Looking for the best production solution for your corporate collateral or direct marketing campaign? Or perhaps you just want to explore other applications to get more mileage out of one particular initiative.
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We work with you to find the right answers, the best course of action. Then we put it all together and show you how everything is connected. It’s what we do. It’s a REAL plan that delivers REAL results. Take command of your marketing and communications challenges and projects in a way that brings you peace and security. Let us show you how. We’ll make you look good.


OUR PROCESS. We make the complex simple. How? We start with our initial consult meeting and then move to our interactive brainstorming sessions. Along the way, we are piecing together our STRIVE3 MS Blueprint – exclusive for your organization. We will establish goals and then engineer the most effective marketing plan, or blueprint, to get you there. The creativity will flow as we hone in on your specific mission and target audience while crafting the most dynamic and compelling messaging. Our team will help you understand what you need and how to implement each aspect to ensure the best results in your marketing and communication endeavor.

No mountain is too tall. No project too challenging. Past failures are just that – PAST. We’ll help you build something great. Stuff that legacies are made from. Give us your confidence and the opportunity to showcase just what we can do. Our ultimate goal is to make you look good.

Maximize Your Investment

We understand that the stewardship and success of your organization requires 3 things: Time, Talent and Treasure. Each are valuable and indispensable. We therefore make it our mission to maximize the return on investment in these all-important and integral ingredients.

Testing & Learning

Our philosophy centers around testing and learning. This principle has served our clients well as we continue to search to find the best practices, messaging and solutions that are fundamental to your organization’s overall marketing strategy and growth.

Your Mission

It is not enough to touch someone’s IQ. More than ever before, you must also connect via EQ – Emotional Quotient. How are people connected to your brand or mission? That is what we will answer and give you the tools to make significant impact.