What is govmates?

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We were proud to lend our talents and to create this brand awareness video for govmates – an innovative cloud-based matchmaking platform for small businesses seeking Federal contracts and partnerships. “There is nowhere that you can come to to find other small business teaming partners that have this specific, methodical and formulaic approach that we have.” –Stephanie Alexander, Partner of govmates

Flying Dog Brewery – Free Speech

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In 2009, Flying Dog Brewery sued the State of Michigan for banning their beer named “Raging Bitch”. In 2015, Flying Dog won their freedom of speech case and was awarded damages. We were proud to lend our expertise to highlight this issue through this video on behalf of the Charles Koch Institute and their efforts to protect free speech.

Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute

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Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute Intern Video CBLPI engaged with STRIVE3 to aid in the production of a content video to highlight the Luce Internship program for students and donors alike.  STRIVE3 was grateful for the opportunity to showcase, once again, our level of expertise in delivering a video production to distribute across a number of channels.

German-American Heritage Museum

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German-American Heritage Museum Video GAHM turned to the STRIVE3 team to help build a powerful video for their latest exhibit that chronicles the journey of the Volga-Germans to America. The video also highlights the significant contributions of prominent businessman and philanthropist, Philip Anschutz, and his devotion to preserving the heritage of the Volga-Germans. STRIVE3 was proud to lend our creative …

Why Team of Dreams? | TV Trailer

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Team of Dreams is a reality TV show still under consideration for further production and distribution.  This show is about finding those hoops hopefuls who have missed or lost their chance before it’s too late and giving them the chance we all wish we could have had. After being chosen from among thousands of aspiring athletes, 15 young men will be trained …

Freedom Alliance Scholarship Video

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Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund Video In this age of shrinking attention spans, STRIVE3 stands out as a leader in conveying your messaging through powerful content video.  Like many organizations, Freedom Alliance saw the value in video, across multiple mediums and applications, and gave STRIVE3 the reigns to create and produce a video to highlight the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund.  The …

Accuracy In Media – Direct Mail

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Accuracy In Media Allen West Prospect Appeal Having Col. Allen West on your side is never a bad thing.  Col. West’s commitment to exposing media bias was important enough to him to lend his name and image to Accuracy In Media’s prospecting effort to help attract new donors to their cause.

Team of Dreams, Player Profile: Andrew

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  STRIVE3, in partnership with our sister company, Inspiring Hope Productions, produced this unique reality TV show that is still under consideration by several entertainment entities and executives.  Building powerful content to highlight the real impact that this show could have for America was of absolute paramount importance to opening the right doors with the right partners. Andrew’s story, and …

Americans for Prosperity

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AFP Blueprint/Map Current Donor and Prospect Outreach Appeal Americans for Prosperity engaged with STRIVE3 to aid in the creative and production of this captivating map to help illustrate to donors the impact AFP was making across the country. The reverse side of this piece included several engaging and interactive components to draw the audience in.

Trex Decking / Exhibit Display

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Trex Decking / Recycling Solutions Exhibit Display Faced with a smaller exhibit space than they were used to, Trex turned to STRIVE3 for creative and a solution for a trade show.  The result:  Trex’s improved visual display from past conferences turned more than a few heads.