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4 Graphic Design Hacks

Graphic design looks simple, but creating killer designs takes skill and intuition. Effective visuals yield higher conversion rates and ROI. The graphic design industry earned $11 billion last year. How do you achieve great corporate art that captures attention and converts?

There will be a 35% rise in demand for digital graphic design from 2015-2022.

Meet the demand with beautiful, effective design. Here are four hacks to help you convert more viewers into customers.

1: Emphasize sparingly.

Try not to over emphasize too many visual or copy elements. Pick 2-3 points to bold or highlight. Only highlight main points. If you highlight too many elements, then nothing takes importance.

Good design is clean.

2: Use vector graphics.

Obtain a quality vector graphic of your logo. From that file, we can produce a good quality print or a large scale graphic with no distortion. This file is also used to produce low resolution logos for web or emails.

Why a vector graphic? Why not PNG or JPEG?

Format matters. Vector graphics maintain the integrity of an image’s appearance, even when it is made larger or smaller, instead of looking grainy. Pixellated images have worse quality when maximized for a poster. For better quality and flexible design, design images in the vector format.

3: Use font families.

Limit type faces used on any project. Try to limit it to one font family or two. Always let us know your brands’ font family. Or better yet, send it along with your logos.

graphic design


4: White space is your friend.

Simple is better. The easier it is to see the message, the quicker it sinks in.

People prefer to engage with images than with text on social media. Tweets with images receive 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. Keep it simple, beautiful, and relevant.

Want killer graphic designs? Want to engage existing and potential customers? Step up the graphic design game. Beautiful, simple visuals can increase your ROI.


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By Esther Grace Ehrenman, Digital Editor and Strategist and Kim Hine, Senior Graphic Designer

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