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4 Reasons Direct Mail Still Matters

Direct mail complements digital marketing well. Standout graphics, copy, and strategy stay constant in digital and traditional marketing. High-ROI campaigns combine the strengths of multiple channels, unified themes, and quality content.

Social media campaigns and direct mail campaigns deliver similar ROIs of 15-17%.

Why does direct mail still matter in an increasingly online world?

Here are 4 reasons.

1: Personalization

Direct mail offers personalization opportunities. Reaching somebody at their home is an intimate gesture. Use the opportunity well by writing stellar copy to make the most of the reader’s attention. Since most people open their mail, you can reach them more effectively with mail than with email.

70% of people say that snail mail is more personal than the Internet.

Algorithms usually determine who sees what piece of content on the Internet. However, a physical piece of paper arriving at a house feels less like an algorithm and more like a person.

Half of people prefer direct mail to email.

Abandoning either snail mail or email could prove unwise. It is true, however, that snail mail and email work best when combined.

2: Complements Digital Marketing

Over 60% of direct mail recipients visited the website as a result of the mail they received.

76% of small businesses want to combine digital and traditional marketing. Email and direct mail combined yield great results for marketers.

Digital marketing and snail mail go well together. It shows the reader that you value them enough to contact them in multiple forms.

3: In-Person Results

Since direct mail is a personal, physical means of reaching consumers, often causes them to respond in like manner.

23% of direct mail recipients visited the store location.

The personal, tangible nature of mail yields rewards for brands that invest in it.

4: Demographic Reach

People 24 years old and younger have some of the highest response rates, despite the stereotype that they are solely digitally-focused.

Direct mail doesn’t have a threshold associated with it. All it takes is a person going out to their mailbox and finding a brand’s material. The engagement doesn’t require an understanding of complex new platforms or a subscription.

Mail to communicate effectively with the people you want to reach. Design well, write stellar copy, and consider your audience to increase your ROI.

By Esther Grace Ehrenman, Digital Editor and Strategist

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