Why Video Marketing?

How do you captivate a person scrolling through content on their phone while they’re strolling down a street? Capturing a digital reader’s attention seems more difficult than ever now. But it is still possible.

Good news: video strategically converts prospects and keeps existing customers intrigued.

Flickering images capture attention more than static text or images. Take advantage of video marketing to capture and keep attention. Here are a few places to use videos in your marketing strategy.

Landing Pages

Landing pages are useful for thanking people for buying a product, or for directing them to more of your products and services. Landing pages can be still more effective, however, with a simple addition.

Including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%.


Words and images are not the only tools at a marketer’s disposal. Including multimedia in emails increases both response rate and click-through-rate. Videos in email increase click-through-rates by 200-300%.

Youtube reports that video consumption rises 100% every year.


Marketers tend to invest a lot in visual marketing. The data indicates that a vast amount of spending goes to video ads, which make up an astounding 35% of online spending.

Media helps people remember content in more detail for more time. 80% of digital users remember an ad they viewed in the past 30 days.

Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign demonstrates the power of digital storytelling. Dove adopted a distinct point-of-view on the meaning of femininity and beauty. Thus, their message resonated more deeply with more people than it would have otherwise. Their videos went viral and sales skyrocketed from $2.5 billion to $4 billion.

Video is here to stay and represents the most effective medium by far for engaging and converting. Don’t delay. Invest in video today and your organization’s future will thank you.

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By Esther Grace Ehrenman, Digital Editor and Strategist

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