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68% of consumers read content from a brand in which they are interested. Captivate customers with killer products and services. Keep them coming back for more with regular, helpful content.

People like to get their money’s worth. Content marketing increases trust. Digital users’ interaction with branded content contributes to brand validation. Tell people about company techniques, company culture, and company use of customer and donor cash.

1: Partner With Allies

Blogging connects companies in similar fields. Partnering with fellow industry professionals for guest blog posts validates brands.

Influencers increase brand exposure. An influencer can increase a customer base and expand the reach of your brand name. 81% of marketers who have used influencer marketing say it is effective.

Offer an incentive to partner. Partner with similar organizations and companies for increased brand reach and brand validation. Find a respected industry ally, not competitor, using their expertise for a guest blog post or series.

2: Give a Customer Spotlight

Engaging current customers offers many rewards for your existing and future customers. It humanizes your business, makes your brand look trustworthy, and connects you with valuable people.

One popular way to put the spotlight back on customers is by crowdsourcing a contest and incorporating participants’ submissions into sleek content. Solicit photographs or stories from your audience via social media and incorporate the best submissions into a blog post or series.

Another form of a customer spotlight is offering discounts and promotions when coupled with the blog.

3: Use Statistics

Statistics demonstrate brand value, whether they showcase your work and the impact it made, or if it is demonstrate industry insight, or illuminate a need only your brand can fulfill.

Most useful statistics are a Google search away. When combined with powerful visuals and concise copy, statistics convince people that your brand contributes value to the world.

4: How-To

People turn to Google to learn how to use a product or service. Don’t leave the answers up to WikiHow or Yahoo! answer forums. Provide answers with an authoritative voice. Brand each answer so that if a reader shares your content with friends, it is associated with your unique voice and perspective.

Not only does blogging boost your rankings, but it also improves inbound marketing results. It is worth investing time in creating stellar blog posts. Blogging can create a loyal audience that will return again and again to read your content and even pay for products and services.

1. CMA

By Esther Grace Ehrenman, Digital Editor and Strategist

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