Color Psychology

Kissmetrics conducted a study to discover how color psychology affects customers’ purchase decisions. It goes to show that A/B testing color selection can improve ROI out of sight.

color psychology

There’s more to graphic design than meets the eye. Design can influence viewers’ purchase decisions. Color psychology plays a large role in influencing viewers’ actions taken after seeing quality images. Keep reading to learn how to influence customers through hue selection.

Choose a Mood

Various colors create various moods. Due to the power of visuals, the hues included in designs can influence people’s perception of a brand. For instance, yellow is psychologically the happiest color in the spectrum, but yellow can also be perceived as an alarming or overwhelming color.

The infographic below describes how setting a mood affects the purchase path and decision.

color psychology

Match Colors to Mission

color psychology

Blue signals sincerity and trustworthiness. Red signals excitement, adventure, and newness. Green is a more peaceful color, indicating reliance. Purple indicates luxury and intrigue. Plenty of studies show the meaning behind various colors.

Be aware of the message sent by your color choice.

Use Complementary Colors

Many free online tools help select appropriate colors that are opposites on the color wheel. Generally, using similar colors does not create enough visual contrast.

Free Color Selection Tools

Adobe, Sessions, W3 Coding Schools, and many more sites have free color wheel tools. Play around with the colors to find the perfect complementary hues reflecting your company or organization’s mission. Then use the color code to repeat the exact color and keep consistency.

Segment, Test, and Hone

A/B testing and contact segmentation help hone not only text, but also visuals. Try testing a call-to-action button or banner with different colors and see which one increases conversions the most.

color psychology

Use color psychology intentionally to captivate viewers. Well-chosen hues contribute to the effectiveness of the copy in a design. For graphic design with high ROI, carefully research color psychology and design deliberately.

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By Esther Grace Ehrenman, Digital Editor and Strategist

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