3 More Productivity Hacks

Is it difficult to start working on Mondays? Do you feel like you are dragging your way through the week to survive by Friday evening? Motivation matters, and it doesn’t have to be elusive.



You don’t have to feel uninspired and suffer from unproductivity. Seek to creatively collaborate and add value with our three productivity hacks.

1: Make Lists

Examine your responsibilities, make a list, and check off every responsibility either once a day or once a week. Itemizing your responsibilities for each day makes the list seem more manageable.

Not only does list-making make a large quantity of responsibilities seem more manageable, but it also breaks down larger tasks into achievable pieces.

Work on one piece at a time. Studies indicate that multitasking decreases productivity by 40%.

2: Collaborate

Sometimes, lack of motivation stems from a lack of colleague connection. Connection and collaboration motivate employees. Both an office and a remote work environment allow employees to work together on projects and share information across departments. Collaboration provides both accountability and inspiration.



Collaboration with employees also helps fuel more ideas and creativity. Companies with engaged, interested employees outperform competitors with unengaged employees by 202%.

People work harder when they are invested not only in their work, but also in their employees.

3: Add Value

Brainstorming ideas for innovation not only motivates employees, but it also increases productivity by improving efficiency.

To add value and improve your productivity, connect your employer’s mission and values with the tasks you regularly perform. Intentionally seek ways to add value to the company that no one else is currently pursuing. Understanding and improving your unique niche helps you fit in better with your company, motivate yourself, and offer more tasks to fulfill.

Productivity is not determined solely by organic motivation or fatalistic circumstance. You can use willpower and strategy to maximize efficiency and maintain motivation.


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By Esther Grace Ehrenman, Digital Editor and Strategist

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