6 Productivity Hacks

Productivity looks elusive in the age of procrastination. Facebook, Youtube, Buzzfeed, and more sites beckon to us and plead for attention. But focusing in the age of distraction can lead to burnout. You don’t have to work yourself to death to be productive. You can accomplish lots while staying energized, happy, and healthy. Productivity is more about time management and mind management than about hours that you put in.

We’re on your side. Here are a few hacks that help keep us going during the afternoon slump.

1: Switch locations

If you’re a remote worker, the setting can get stale. Take a trip to a library or a place you love and work from there. A change of place contributes to a change of pace.

If you’re an office worker, try taking your work to a coffeeshop for an afternoon. Attend a conference out of town. Changing your scene will increase your productivity, making you a more valuable employee.

2: Take a break from your phone

How many times a day do you check your phone? If the tally is sky-high, you’re not alone. Most people fully admit to a phone addiction. Avoiding your phone for a short period of time will free your mind to focus on tasks that you need to perform.

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3: Reward yourself

Everyone’s motivations differ. Find tasks that you enjoy and perform them after you finished a more tedious one. Or buy yourself that cupcake. Or buy the new album that you have been wanting. Whatever it is for you, make sure to treat yourself when you have accomplished a goal.

4: Choose music wisely

Music can help or harm your quest for productivity. Movie and video game soundtracks can provide an energetic or soothing background for your keyboard clacking. Some indie acoustic music can make sure you stay focused, not distracted .Avoid loud or jarring music, and know whether or not you can tolerate lyrics. Music can get you in the zone so use the tool.

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5: Be food-conscious

You are what you eat, more or less. Carb-heavy foods drain energy, while protein-filled snacks boost and maintain energy. Well-chosen food can contribute to your efficiency.

6: Stay hydrated

You may not be competing in the Olympics, but you still need water to function. Coffee helps your energy levels temporarily but it can tend to dehydrate you. Supplement your liquid diet of coffee with water and tea for better mental function.

By caring for your mind and body, you can get more done. Productivity is within your reach.

By Esther Grace Ehrenman, Digital Editor and Strategist


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