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A Balanced Agency

Email and direct mail alone can deliver decent ROI. However, direct mail and email combined have a 25% response rate and significantly higher average value per order than either method alone. The most effective agency mixes the power of social media, email, and direct mail with a unified strategy. Further, an organization with a new announcement needs a PR strategy to help maximize exposure.

All marketing is all connected.

This should include the initial press release distribution and followup. Once the press is alerted, the public can be too through a combination of social media, direct mail, and email, as appropriate. Design needs to be an integral part of social media, direct mail, and email, and lazy reuse of cheesy designs won’t do. An image that performs well on Instagram may not do well on Facebook or in a mailer. Nuanced execution and a unified strategy are essential.

Marketing today encompasses the traditional and the ever-evolving digital channels.

A typical marketing agency may perhaps only offer help with one aspect of your marketing requirements. A one-sided marketing strategy is a coordination disaster waiting to happen. These days, many aspects of marketing are inextricably linked.

Although there are many pieces to an excellent marketing campaign, your strategy doesn’t have to be piecemeal. If your campaign is not coordinated, it could hurt your conversion rates. Outsourcing multiple pieces to multiple agencies can lower conversion rates. A disconnected campaign confuses rather than entices the consumer.

Your story needs a unified theme.

Content marketing tells stories because stories convert. At STRIVE3, we understand the challenges that storytelling poses. We also have the expertise in multiple marketing areas so you can win the day and convert leads for a better business.

We are located in the DC market and have experience with crafting and executing effective overall marketing strategy, direct mail, public relations, graphic design, social media marketing, blogging, and much more. Strategize and achieve your business goals from start to finish with the power of the STRIVE3 blueprint.

We were recently cited as one of the top three agencies in Alexandria, VA.

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