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5 Unbelievable Digital Marketing Statistics

It seems impossible to go a day without seeing an ad before a Youtube video or on Facebook. Digital marketing is on the rise. Direct mail and traditional avenues have their place. While print advertising is still effective, the digital age demands that attention be paid to online marketing opportunities. Here are a few statistics to demonstrate the necessity of investing in digital marketing.

1: 3 billion internet users

Every day, more and more people gain access to the Internet. If you want to get your brand noticed, you need to write about yourself using media that people regularly take to. You can entertain, delight, and inform people by taking your content digital.

2: 82% of marketers who blog see positive ROI.

Blogging drives site traffic both organically and through social promotion. Blogging serves to build your brand voice, keep existing customers returning to your website, and attract new customers. Digital marketing is about more than social.

3: 66% of marketers see lead generation from social media

The trending features, best-realized through hashtags, on most social media sites offer huge opportunities for brand discovery. People who are interested in your industry’s product or service can find you using search features. Otherwise, they may not have heard of your brand. Take advantage of social media to get your brand noticed.

4: Brands that create 15 blog posts a month average 1200 new leads monthly.

Consistent blogging is an essential piece of digital marketing. If you only blog rarely, it is hard to develop a loyal audience. Decide how many times a month would be appropriate or doable for you to post and stick to it.

Once you blog consistently, it is easier to build a loyal audience. They know when to expect content from you — and if you keep the content quality high,

5: For ever $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 ROI.

People tend to open emails from their favorite companies and organizations. If you can capture the email address of loyal followers, that makes it easier to ensure that you’re emailing the right audience and that your material will get read.

People’s emails tend to stay stable, while their home addresses may change. Email is a stable way of reaching people who tend to be more invested in your message.

Digital marketing offers new ways of reaching people effectively. Take advantage of social media, blogging, and email to capture new leads and convert prospects into customers.


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By Esther Grace Ehrenman, Digital Editor and Strategist