New Year

3 New Year’s Marketing Resolutions 2017

83% of marketing emails last year were newsletters. More and more marketers are jumping on the newsletter bandwagon — but there is still room for improvement.

The New Year offers an opportunity to reevaluate existing efforts — both in personal and professional lives.

Here are some marketing resolutions that we would recommend.

1: Invest in strategic social ads

Jeremy Thwaite of IBM said that social media is, for the most part, no longer organic. It’s now a paid platform. Not every social media platform attracts the best or highest-converting audience for your company or organization.

2: Make the most of what you have

Do you have an email list with interactive users and readers? Maximize the value of that list by sending them varied or useful types of content. Conduct a survey. Write a regular newsletter.

Use existing resources to create additional value in the New Year.

3: Pay attention to Google

Marketers who use data outperform those who work blindly, according to eMarketer. Google has a host of free tools that not only boost SEO, but also help marketers understand consumer behavior, track prospects’ movement through the funnel, and measure marketing effectiveness.

Google Analytics is an essential tool to measure web traffic, fight spam, and track Google AdWords conversions. Setting up an account is simple but offers huge dividends in awareness and measurement.

Google My Business helps put your business on the map — literally. Signing up your business to be listed as an official Google search result takes some time but it is worth the effort. And why not work on it during the rush of the New Year?

New Year

Marketing improvement doesn’t have to result from peer pressure or the excitement of a new year. The New Year reminds everyone to work on the things that they already care about. Hustle hard to reap rewards!

By Esther Grace, Digital Editor and Strategist

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